Live Sound System For Sale


For Sale: Complete PA System

This rig spent a number of years installed as the house sound system at the Brighton Bar in West End, New Jersey.

The system was fully operational at the time of decommissioning. In any event, no warranty is offered or implied. All sales are final.

It is desired to sell this system as a complete unit.

Below is a list of components:

Mixing board:

- Studio Master 16-8-2, expanded to 24 channels.

Main cabinets:

- 2x Dynacoustics L36 (subs)- 18" JBL

- 2x Custom mid cabinets:

-- 2x 15" EV (low mid)

-- 2x 12" EV (high mid), 2x 12" JBL (high mid)

- 2x Altec Lansing horns (high)

Monitor cabinets:

- One large (flying) cabinet: 2x 15" Force speakers, 2x tweeters

- 2x EV SH-1502ER cabinets

- 2x 15" floor monitors w/ piezo tweeters

- 2x 12" floor monitors w/ piezo tweeters

- 2x 10" floor monitors w/ piezo tweeters

(note the "wedge" floor monitors may or may not be working well).

100 foot snake.  16 mic channels, 2 mains (stereo), 2 monitor channels.

Misc mics: 

looks like 10 Samson (similar to SM58), 2x SM58.  There are probably a bunch of other mics too, some probably don't work.  I wouldn't put too much faith in any of the mics and they should either be replaced or rebuilt.

Mic Stands:

Lots in various conditions.  MANY parts.

Mic cords: 

Lots in various conditions.

Main components:

- Crossovers (note: system was setup in Stereo)

-- Rane AC23

-- BiAmp SM/23

- Alesis Microverb

- Effectron ADM1024 delay

- Yamaha REX50 (same as SPX90)

- FBX Feedback Exterminator

- BBE Sonic Maximizer 422A

- 16 plug patch panel.

- Feedback Exterminator Pro

- 2x DBX 163X compressors

- Samson 31 channel graphic EQ (monitors)

- Yamaha Q2031A 31 channel graphic EQ (mains)

- dbx 166 stereo compressor (mains)


- Rolling Amp rack

- 2x Crown Macro-Tech 2400 (Subs and low mid)

- Crown Micro-Tech 1200 (high mid)

- Fender 2235 (horns)

- Peavey CS-800 (monitors)

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