Made My Day

I was recently going through some old files while integrating a first-gen Mac Pro into my production studio. I found a project that I had done with my first mentorship students from the High Tech High School, Sarah Fire and Jared Sousa, back in 1999. They were quite talented musicians, so I did a little searching to see what they might be up to now.

Turns out that after Sarah went on to Columbia University and beyond, she started a music school in Tucson, Arizona called Sarah Fire's Schoolhouse Of Rock. Needless to say, this made me feel quite proud of her and I emailed her saying so. She replied that it meant a lot to her that I looked for her and am proud of what she is doing with her life and school. It's very gratifying to know that you've made a positive impact on somebody's life.

I continue to do the occasional mentorship project hoping to provide the same opportunities to explore this field that I once was given.

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