A two-for-one deal

Macintosh power at it's finest. This is not a Photoshopped image, just a Cmd-Shift-3 screen capture. I was demoing a 2.6GHz Penryn MacBook Pro in order to assess it's use in the Windows side of what I do at BCC... managing distance education facilities remotely. The Mac was running Windows XP virtualized via Parallels Desktop, performing the following tasks simultaneously while connected wirelessly in the Audio Control Room: controlling the Crestron in ATEC216 via e-control, controlling the Polycom VS4000 codec in ATEC216 via it's web interface, and controlling via VNC the PC in ATEC216 running the GVI surveillance/monitoring system receiving feeds from the IcIT web transmitters in ATEC216, the Neptune HEC, and the Long Branch HEC.


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