Jim Starzynski - NBC Universal

Myself and Jim Starzynski, Director, Advanced Engineering & Principal Audio Engineer, NBC Universal. Jim and I have a long history going back to him being a favorite instructor at Brookdale in the early '80s. We worked together at Press Broadcasting Company, which was located on the top floor of the former Asbury Park Press building in Asbury Park, NJ. He went on to rise through the ranks at NBC as did I at Brookdale. In January 2011 I was at 30 Rock attending a joint SMPTE/AES/IEEE meeting on Audio Loudness Standards, Measurements, and Control in a Broadcast Environment as well as the ramifications of recently signed into law CALM(Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) Act. Jim was the keynote speaker. I have for some time been interested in the creation of standards for audio for digital television, and interestingly enough Jim is one of the main people working on what is now known as ATSC A/85 Recommended Practice (RP) ‘Techniques for Establishing and Maintaining Audio Loudness for Digital Television. A very interesting related presentation is found on the Cinema Audio Society website, "What Happened To My Mix?" Jim's work with the ATSC was mentioned quite prominently during this presentation as well.

By the way this was the day the "handing over the keys" from GE to Comcast occurred.

UPDATE: Jim received the ATSC's Lechner Award for his leadership in developing A/85.

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