Line Out

Back in the early 80's when I was a student at Brookdale, I was involved in the production of a program called Line Out. I gained a ton of experience in TV field and studio production, and it's a nice look back at where things got rolling for me.

I produced this segment on Breakdancing while a Brookdale student. That's me in the red beret on the decks along with my brother Tim.

This segment illustrated what happens in the production of a pop song, recorded in 1983. 30 years on the techniques and equipment have evolved(some might say devolved) quite a bit, but the basic principles are the same. That "young guy" setting up the mics and at the console is Manager Bart Coma, now retired after a 40+ year career at Brookdale. The studio space in the video is where the Counseling, Admissions, and Registration area now resides. That Electrodyne console was residing at a studio in Texas and is now up for sale at Vintage King Audio.

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