My introduction to Electrodyne was when I was working toward my A.A.S at Brookdale, when the studio resided where the CAR(Counseling, Admissions and Registration) department is now. There was a 16x16x4(it was Quad!) Cetec Electrodyne 2000 with 10 709 and six 712 modules. Tape decks were an Otari III-8 1/2" 8 track, and three Ampex AG-440's, one 1/2" 4 track, and two 1/4" 2 tracks. Monitors were UREI 811B's. Our main reverb was an AKG BX-20 spring unit, which has made its way to the present-day facility. My pair of CA-700's also resided there, but ended up almost going to the trash heap. Couldn't let that happen!

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