The Pre-existing Setup


I could call longtime client musician Thomas Jones' setup the James Brown of home studios because it gets worked pretty hard. The computer running the system was a Power Mac 7100 that I found on eBay for $10 and maxed out. This computer was the replacement for a Duo Dock(remember them?), because 1; it was an easy swap with the existing hardware, and 2; the 68030 processor in the Duo Dock was simply just too slow for the software of the time. The 7100's 66MHz PPC 601 processor was rather the speed boost! The recorders were various models of Vestax HDR hard disk units that synced via MMC to the PM7100. But it came to the point where the HDR's were getting harder to keep running, the mixer was having it's share of fits, and the Mac of course was frozen in time. Time to get into the new millennium, later than sooner.

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